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Written by Dylan Somerfield, 2021
Oh, this is so random. All right. No, but I feel it coming on. So it's gotta be said. So, yeah, it's nine 30. I just did my on the podcast a couple of hours ago. I'm probably gonna share this in another podcast. Probably be like tomorrow, the next day or something, but, but like, damn, like I needed to get this out there. So it's not this whole thing, right? It's not about laziness. It's definitely not about laziness. It takes a lot of effort. It's not about, it's not about greed. There are many other easier ways I have previously made money, you know, including a corporate banking job where I was making like tons more money than I made the first couple years in business. It's not about, you know, it's not about these little hacks. It's not about these little kind of things. This is about, this is about significance. This is about 
This is about living a life where I actually see a point in it. And it's like, this is what a calling is to me. I, as weird as this is to say, as openness, I am saying this, what the F what on earth is like living a life where you're passionate and you're intelligent and you're creative, and you're working in a corporate job earning 60 K a year, or, you know, 70, 80, a hundred, even a hundred K a year or more, you know, if your whole life, what the hell is that? Right. I understand. I look, if it's meeting your needs, if it's like creative, it's, you know, I, I'm not trying to downplay the fact that people have commitments and like, you know, I'm not trying to make anyone feel uncomfortable anyway. Cause I know that there's so many beautiful things, you know, you've got yourself, you've got yourself there. You know, you've worked your way in. You get along with the people you work with all this good stuff and you know, power to, you might be in the best I've ever stay in there. Right. But like, for so many of us, it's like, 
Like, what the hell are you just going to live a life where you just work your way up to like the first or second step of a corporate ladder? And then you work your way back down. Maybe you work way back up one more step again, back to way where, you know, 20, 30 years plus trying to save money for a time. And it's like, what the hell is this life? Like? I, you know, I'm not afraid to admit I'm a good example of this. Like I was making six figures, basically, you know, corporate banking job. Um, when I was like 23, like imagined what I would be like if I was, if I kept doing that till I was 30, I literally mapped it out. It kinda like connected in my mind, like electric circuit. It was like, yep. I see where I'll be at 30, 30, two, 35 40. 
I could see the amount of money I'd have. I can see the amount of money I'd earn, you know? Um, you know, he did all the formulas for it, the company, just all that kind of stuff. And I was like, screw that, honestly, screw that because, and what I decided was like, even if I don't make money for a very long period of time, even if I can't replace salary for a very long period of time, years, I'm going to do this. I'm going to start a business. I'm going to become someone, not, not just make money, but actually become someone, actually do some thing. Like, you know, filling all these little gaps in between all of these business concepts, people are like, Oh, you got to make money and you got to have a business and you've got to have leads. And it's like, well, let's just zoom out a sec. 
You got to be someone and you got to help some people in some way. Right? You got to do some thing. Like these are just really broad concepts that anyone should understand. And it's like, this is living like, this is more living than everything else. Everything else is just like abstractions from reality, working a corporate job where you make 60 K a year or 80 K a year to pay bills, doing very miscellaneous things, um, for like, you know, for a big supply chain or for whatever it is, you know, I understand why you're there. I understand why I was there. Right. And you know, making ends meet, you know, do anything on the treadmill, all that kind of thing. But it's like, look like if you had to describe, imagine this, right? You describe to a three year old kid what your life is about. 
Like, and they will be very confused. And so they should like they, so they should be. Whereas if you said to them, I like, I, Dylan, I'm a person who helps people find the best thing for them. They're calling. I hope them do it, plan it out, coach them through it and business, all that kind of stuff. Right? Like it's actually, it's actually something it's not, I am actually the legacy of this supply chain management. And um, so I am only responsible for this delegation and I do this and it's like, what the hell? Like imagine 50 years in the future, we're trying to even like your grandkids won't even understand what you're saying. Like that's how ridiculous, like, and I'm not trying to, I'm not trying to make anyone feel bad, but I'm trying to just bring awareness to and say that what most of us are doing most of the time really means nothing. 
And it makes like when that first connected for me, it hit me like a ton of bricks. And again, you can always hear my voice right now. Like it actually hit me like a ton of bricks. And I felt like, like, felt horrible. And, but this is, this is like when I was like a year into my corporate job, like the most recent promotion one before I unwanted or when left. But it's like, I, once I realized that I had this initial shock where I was just like laying in bed, like I had tears eyes just laying in bed. And I was sad. I was upset. And I was like, after several hours, I actually got this bit of a smile. Right. And this is like, honestly, one of the biggest blessings has ever happened to me, this kind of awareness so early in my career. 
And I always tell people this, like one of the luckiest things that's ever happened to me is understanding this concept so early, right? Understanding this concept is so early in my career, that meaning is where it's at actually becoming someone and doing real things of meaning is actually where, like what life's about. That is what it's about. And whether it makes me whether it may be like 27 K the first year I did it. Um, and still couldn't replace my income the second year I did it. And now I have, but it's like, so now it's all easy for me to go, Oh yeah, I did it. But you know, I went through the trenches and it was shocking. And, but it was, I was still able to, to smile and be happy and get on Facebook lives pretty much every day for almost a whole year. 
And you do podcasts and do all this stuff, interviews and work for free a lot of the time as well, initially. Um, for me to be able to say, for me, to be able to know to myself, you know, this is not me comparing myself to anybody. This is just me knowing myself and being like, I'm on a path of meaning. Now this means something to me. And I look, if you're a person who's like, I want, I want, you know, if you're, I don't even have to say it. You know, if you're hearing this right now, you know? Right. You know, you want more meaning in your life. And there are like 20,000 different ways to do it. I'm not saying you have to leave your job. I'm not saying I have to start a business. I'm not saying you have to do anything right. 
Necessarily. There's not, there are no definite universal paths for everybody in this, what I'm saying right now. But there is no falling yourself, right? If it's just you alone in your own room, listening to this right now, no one else's home. Give this honest thought, are you, or are you not right now living an actual life? That means the most that it can leave right lead right now, because it sounds cliche. But like, you know, you're however old like me. I'm th I'm 25 right now, 25 and a half, but I'm 25. And it's like, I know I'm going to be 35, one day. Hope all going well. But I was like, most likely I'm gonna be 35, one day 45, one day 51 day, 60, 70, 80, you know, but it's like, logically, statistically, this is how it's going to go. Right. 
And we already know that at the end of our day is one day or in we're tired. Or when, you know, it's really not gonna matter if you made 15 K more one year. Um, and you did say meaningless, or, you know, it's, none of that stuff is gonna matter. Like none of the KPIs you hit for this corporation are pretty much going to matter at all. Even in five years, let alone, you know, in 20, 30, 50 years, what will matter and what will make you smile and what would just bring like warmth to your heart will be like, 
I like the idea that..
You chose to do something that helps somebody. And that created a chain reaction of them helping other people and brightened their life and their family's life. And that you learn something new and you created something new and you took what you were created with your unique skill set and your unique way that you see the world and you just splashed that color onto your industry or your area of passion and made a change. That is the stuff that it's worth it's worth doing. And I just such a random thought that came into my mind. I didn't even plan this, this talk. I'm just walking around in my house. Just, just saying stuff that I think is true. That from my heart about, about this topic, but yeah, it's, that's honestly, that's where it's at. So 

Dylan Somerfield

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