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How to identify and overcome the crisis of clarity and the crisis of overwhelm.
Written by Dylan Somerfield, 2021
Hey guys, Dylan here from the after grind. It is a glorious Sunday here in Adelaide. I'm halfway through almost pretty much exactly. It's like lunchtime Sunday on, um, week three of my six week, um, kind of self discovery and transformation kind of business explosion kind of period, which has been awesome. Um, look got a lot of wanting to discuss about that, which I'll probably think of in a minute, but, um, I wanted to start by talking about my experience and my journey in terms of, because, Oh my gosh, if I like take a, take an actual moment, now this is different to like resting on your laurels, which I don't recommend like resting on your laurels. Of course, meaning ceasing work and just kicking back and being like, Oh, I've done a lot. I'm so good. Or like, I've, I've got all these achievements and then you kind of like forget to keep achieving.
Um, so it's different. This is different to that. This is just like taking a moment to just take stock and appreciate what, what, in my case, what I've actually done the last say six months, it's bloody incredible. The amount of progress has gone from like no clarity, no clients, no results. Um, from when I changed my business to like a lot of all of those things and, uh, which is awesome. So, but let me just, cause it's the lesson I learned out of this and I think the best way to, to share this lesson is in a story. Um, there's two kinds of problems that I've been having. Um, and you cannot, I can only have one of them at a time. I'm sure you're the same right. One, I like to call the problem of clarity and one, I like to call the problem of what would I call the second one?
Um, the problem of clarity or the problem of direction and the problem of overwhelm or mountain of work syndrome. Like, I feel like you're gonna get crushed heaviness. Um, it's pretty funny. Like what happens is I have this pattern throughout my whole life where it's just like, I don't like, it always starts with lack of clarity. So it's like, and I'm sure you're the same said like, let me know if this is you, but it's like, Oh, I don't know what to do. I don't know. Um, yeah, like I don't know how to do, I don't know, um, like what I'm trying to achieve. I don't know if I can do this. I don't know how I would do this. I don't know how it's gonna pan out. It's just like all these clarity problems and you're just like, you have no idea. And it's because you don't know that you don't take action.
Right? And it's like, Oh, I don't know what kind of angle I'm going to take when I pitch my services to clients that don't exactly know what I'm going to include in my services. When I pitched, when I delivered to clients who have bought from me or all these kind of things where there's so many question marks and so many gray areas in your plans and because it's so there's so many holes in it and it's so unclear on it, you have what I call a crisis of clarity and what happens, what happened to me? I he's, I was like when I'm in a crisis of clarity, um, I think these are more damaging and it's hard to get through because you question everything like it's just human nature. And, and Gary V talks about this all the time. He's always talking about, um, how like these crazy people in their twenties and thirties and stuff for like messaging him or he's interviewing them.
And, and they have like one bad day of, of lack of clarity or they have like, or they can't get the domain they want, or they, um, they have one little mini hang up on that question. Um, their entire thing, you know, they question their entire destiny in their business and things like that was like cut out for this was this the right business. And he's just like, what? You're questioning your entire thing after one bad hour or one bad phone call. Like, are you nuts? Like you should be judging it based on 10,000 hours and 10,000 phone calls before you can actually make what I would consider like a, a life changing decision as to what you should do next. Um, yeah. And so, but it's, it's real though. Like the reason I bring that up is because it is a real thing. Like people do question themselves their abilities, their ability to pull something off their ability to be able to, I am I good enough?
Am I the person who can do this? You know, they question all of this stuff based on a lack of clarity, right. And with a lack of clarity, um, the enemy is our memory. That is enemy number one, like, like seriously, our memory is like one of our biggest, like reasons for our failures in life. Um, and it sounds funny saying that, cause you're like, Oh, I've got a great memory, you know, or memory is not that bad. I can do fine, but it's like, what time did you eat lunch yesterday? And what did you have? And it's like, what did you have for breakfast last Monday or Tuesday? It's like, you have no idea. It's like your memory sucks. And so it is mine. And it's like last month, who did you catch up with? And what did you do? You have no idea.
And it's like last year, what was like, you don't even remember what last year or let alone before that. So it's like, um, exaggerating a tiny bit, but I want to really hammer that point. Home and memories are really faulty. And even if we focus really hard and recall these memories that are really distorted, um, we're likely to get it horribly wrong and believe with such confidence that we've got it totally right because of the way we store memories and compress things and lose data and stuff, you know, in our minds. Um, but I guess what I'm saying here is like, if you constantly remind yourself and fight your memory so that you do remember what you're doing and you do keep it front of mind and all that kind of stuff, if you're not like you need to be doing this stuff so that you can have so that you can like, kind of be victorious with your memory and remember each day what you're doing, why you're doing it, how it fits into the bigger picture, how this hits your weekly goal, how does it's your monthly goal?
How does it's a quarterly goal? What this means for you by the end of the year and what you're going to do next year, this is stuff you have to keep front of mind and you cannot, no one can, I'm pretty sure on almost no one on earth, apart from those super freaks who are like one in 10 million, I'm like, who can remember everything that's ever happened to them. But most of us normal people like, um, pretty much all of us, we did. We just can't remember, like, it's crazy. Like literally I can go weeks of like pitching and doing things. And I've totally forgotten that I was like writing a book. I'm like, Whoa. Yeah, I was writing a book and what was going to be on again? It's just crazy. So we need to have plans. We not only need to have blends.
We need to visit them so frequently. We need to visit these plans like morning and night. And I like to fill them in with the affirmation. So what, when did you get affirmations? You also do your, um, raise your plan again and again, and this is going to help change your number one, Achilles heel, or your handicap being your memory into one of your life. You're going to completely overcome that obstacle. And you're going to be able to powerfully achieve your goals in the long term. Right. That'll help massively helped me massively. I'm sure it will help you massively with problems of clarity, right? Because you can see how dangerous they are. You can have no clarity for one week and you can be in cold sweats, not being able to go to sleep, super stressed, irritable, unclear, and questioning the whole thing and ready to throw in the towel on your business and your career.
Like that's, I'm sure you've experienced that before. Um, if you've achieved, tried to achieve something big. I experienced that every few months. I have a crisis of clarity. The trick I consider it like a big tunnel, right? It's freezing cold. It's pitch black, and there are no guarantees. And if you pay attention to the tunnel, you're screwed. Like it's like, it will eat you alive. You'll never find your way out. You literally just have to just have maybe just like, remember, just like, remember like one sentence in your head, like why you're doing it and just repeat it over and over again. Just be like, this works proven. I'm just following the plan and just keep running through the tunnel. And it might take a day, might take a week. Sometimes for me it's taken like almost like a month sometimes to get through walk like that.
And I always have, yeah. The coolest thing is I always have the massive, like the most massive breakthroughs once I get out the other side of the tunnel. And it's honestly crazy. It's like our minds, uh, cause we've got these caveman Brian's, you know, and it's like, we were like, it's like a caveman trying to launch online businesses and scale them to seven and eight figures. It's like, what the hell? Like they obviously aren't built for that, but that's why they constantly forget things. If they're not an immediate threat and we constantly try and dumb things down for our understanding and we try and stay safe, stick to what we know, but it's like, so our minds that our memories are kind of against us to a large degree. But if we use some tactics, like I'm describing the tactic of just pushing through, when you have a lack of clarity, just taking action, despite of it, knowing that you are in a dark tunnel, you shouldn't be paying attention to the science right now because you just need to look at a bigger timeframe.
And what I often like to call on is, um, a little concept, which is just so powerful, which has helps solve all crisis. He's like this, it's a concept of regression to the man. And what it means is like, if you look at a stock chart, for example, it's a very good illustration of how people actually perform over time as well. If they're improving. So a stock chart say it's like trending upwards. Um, but the like stock charts trending upward. So it's kind of that, you know, up and down, sharp looking line that bounces up and down and over the long run has gone up, hopefully. Um, and that's a good way to describe your like PR progress as well. Cause you're going to have these down days and you're going to have down weeks. You might even have down months in big businesses over the long term. They have down years sometimes before they turn around. Now, imagine you kept getting worse and less clear and making less progress and becoming more confused and stressed.
Yeah. Right. Okay.
That can theoretically happen to you. And some of the guys who I've spoken with, who do it, who are trying to achieve the most massive things. Look at, look at Elon Musk. For example, just to be clear, I haven't spoken with him yet, but, um, what I'm saying is like, like look at him. He would have faced like logical prospects and logical indicators all around him for like the last two years saying Tesla's gonna fail. Right. And everyone was like, yep. This downward trend that we're in this downward slope is going to be how it's going to be until it hits zero. Right. And he knew isn't he knew he was in a tunnel and he's like, I'm not going to pay attention to that. I'm just going to keep sticking to the core fundamentals of this business and keep doing it and keep doing it and keep doing it. And he did. And now Tesla's worth about six times what it was a year ago. So, so it's like the highest capitalized market cap of any common effector in the world. So he shaved quite a lot. Now, what I'm, what I'm kind of getting at here is like, like you say, when you're having these down days, when you're having these down weeks and you're in, you're in the tunnel and you can't see clarity and you're having what I call the crisis of clarity, you need to realize
Is that this is,
This is a downward dip, right? And your trend, if you keep sticking to your fundamentals and keep making progress over the long term is an upward trend. So this is just sort of regression to the mean, right? If you draw a trend line and your year long progress or your career to date long progress or your business progress over the last five years, and it's trending upwards, if you look at all the pots on that graph of each day and the squiggly line with the sharp squiggly line, it's going to be half underneath that and half above, that's how it trend line works. Right?
So all of that
Days, weeks, months, years where it was a below the line, they had to be there. Like that's how it works regression to the main means that if you, if you make, if you make a better sale, this a better series of sales or progress or, or progress in whatever you're doing this week and you do even better the next week and you did even better than that, the next week, like there's only syllabus I can go on for, right. Eventually you're going to have to not make more progress than you did the last week. Like eventually you might even equal the last week, right? And that's technically doing worse because you've been doing better every single week. Most likely what's going to happen is you're going to have a down week. We've done worse than the previous weeks. Eventually like it has to happen. Like there's no, almost nothing in life can grow.
Um, unfettered only for out time. No human, no life form, no business I've ever seen in life. It always trends up and down. Even if it's a little bit, this down is what this down. And this app is called regression to the main. So you have an average track record of performance and you you're half above and half below your average trend, therefore, regardless of how well you're doing, you're always going to have an equally, you're always going to be equally below your average, as you are above your average, you're always going to have four, three to four days of your work week, which are your worst, which are below average productivity, below average results. You always going to have, you know, 20 to 25 weeks a year, at least where you're below average, right? And some of them you're spiraling down for maybe even 10 weeks.
You never know. But it's like the point is when you're in a crisis of clarity and you're experiencing a downward spiral, you're in a tunnel, you need to stick to the fundamentals and push through it. If you let that be the harbinger of like, you're like, Oh, this is a sign. This is a sign that is not going to work. I'm going to listen to this trend. I'm going to follow this trend right into the ground. Like it's got you, you've been tricked, right? You need to realize that that could only just be a blip that goes down for half a day. And then you have your best week on record next week. This is how it works. So don't freak out about Dan was trends, Alexa clarity. Well, it really into that one. Um, the next thing I want to say is like the crisis of action, the crisis of overwhelm.
So I talked about, um, the crisis of clarity and how you like all the horrible things that can happen there and how to defeat it. Now I want to talk about the crisis of action, the crisis of action and being crushed. Cause once, cause sometimes there's no crusts of clarity for me right now. I know exactly what I need to do to a T for the next three weeks to, to break free my next income bracket in, in business and break through my next results and get the next bracket of clients that I want. I know exactly what I need to do right now. And I know exactly how to do it. And I know I'm capable of it, which is so, so awesome. Right. And I've got the time and everything. It's awesome. But um, so the, on this side of the coin where I've got total clarity, there's no crisis of clarity.
My issue then becomes a crisis of overwhelm because if I actually look at all the things I've got to do, it's like 80 hours of work a week for the next 10 weeks to pull this off, like two and eight plus standard. Obviously, you know, you don't always do your absolute best. Sometimes you do. Okay. And you get a C minus and you get a bunch of clients and help them to the max as best you can. Um, but you haven't got your maximum clients. You haven't, you know, you always rate yourself, you either got a, B or C depending on how you want to do it. And it's like, yeah. But to get an a plus result to achieve all I want to achieve, I'd have to do probably 80 hours a week for the next 10 weeks and take some pretty big risks, invest about 10 more grand in ads probably.
And based on what I've been seeing, get a massive return on that. But it's, I'm just going to be doing a book launch very shortly as well and some other products and stuff. So, um, yeah, but like, let's see what I'm saying. That you're at any one time, you're either facing a lack of clarity or a lack or, or you're feeling like overwhelmed by the amount of work you either don't know what to do. We'll see like, Oh, what do I do? I'm willing to do it. I'm willing to do something to tell him what to do. I have no idea. Or you're like, I can see everything to do, but it's too much. I can't, I can't do it. You know, it's too much work. I can't, how am I going to do this? Yeah, you got to balance this stuff. So when you're, when you're in a lack of clarity, just know that, um, it's coming and it's going to be bloody heavy and it's going to be it's once you work it out very shortly, it's gonna feel like it's going to be a ton of work.
And when you've got this ton of work in front of you, you ate it up, enjoy it, smash it out because cause the next thing is going to come your way is a lack of clarity. Right? And it's going to be scary for a while. And this is the patent I've learned. It's a very powerful podcast that I've put out. Cause there's a very true thing. I didn't script this little while. Just randomly decided to just start talking about it because this is a very true natural phenomenon that happens. And knowing this and understanding it and knowing how to respond, it's going to be a greatest friend when you succeed in business. So I hope you enjoyed it and I'll see you tomorrow.

Dylan Somerfield

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