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Who is Dylan Somerfield

Over the past 7 years, Dylan has used phone and online selling methods to collectively generate tens of millions of dollars in revenue for companies and individuals alike. 

After realising that we are called to be more than just financially wealthy, Dylan pioneered a new framework for every motivated man to find his calling in life, working hand-in-hand with the online business paradigm he facilitates.

Early Life

"I was very blessed to grow up in such a beautiful place. Kangaroo Island is one of the most tranquil,  nature-based locations in Australia. 

Spending the first 16 years of my life, in such a remote paradise, there was this inherent deep reflection every day, which helped shape the matters which would ultimately become central to my life's work.

Living rurally, I also had the challenge of needing to plan with extraordinary zeal, if I were to attain the achievements and possessions I desired.

This life-long apprenticeship of introspection and planning has perfectly positioned me for the meaningful and often complex work I do today."


"As a young kid, I was a dreamer through and through. I remember asking my Mum whether I could get a job at age 7, so I could start 'savings and investing'. This lead to me selling crystals, my own art work and anything I could find or create, at the local KI markets."

After graduating from Westminster School at age 17, Dylan studied civil engineering, commerce and entrepreneurship at Universities in Australia. He also dabbled with online marketing and affiliate-marketing businesses, but found these to be largely unsustainable and lacking in any meaningful impact or purpose.

"Some of these businesses, especially the affiliate ones, they just left this bad taste in my mouth.. I just through there ought to be more to the business world than this!"

Alongside his business endeavours, Dylan's 7 years working in sales and management for large Australian corporations gave him an appreciation for the big business. 

"I totally appreciate where corporate leaders are coming from with their procedures, policies and shareholders. However, as an ambitious young man, I found it nothing short of suffocating, to be so constrained in my impact and financial reward..

..And thus, my Inner-Entrepreneur, was reborn."

When you combine your 'Calling In Life' -the commercial work you are most suitably positioned to win at and make a difference in- with, the new fast-paced style of business at the forefront of today's new online world, you have an;

"Unbeatable formula for financial prosperity, world impact and ultimately; living a truly free and fulfilled life."


7 FIGURE CALLING™ publishes high quality videos, articles, podcasts and guides to support ambitious guys who are performance-minded and wanting to move the needle every day in businesses they are called to build.

The mission of 7 FIGURE CALLING™ is to provide a never-ending fount of quality information, which has been tried and tested to work. This will save my fellow budding entrepreneurs time, money and the hassle of needing to sift through other misc. external content.

"If you look at the most successful people in history, you'll see that it was their ecosystem, who they learned from and spend their time with; which was ultimately the thing which tilted the balance of success in their favour."

7 FIGURE CALLING™ is a free, ever-growing bank of actionable advice and knowledge which will continue to grow and update to remain evergreen with the times.

Dylan created 7 FIGURE CALLING™ to serve broadly, beyond the elite clients he takes on personally 1:1 and in his premier 7 FIGURE CALLING™ Program.

"Some people cannot afford a premium done-for-you service and some people are just going through a rough patch. It is my firm assertion, that these people need perhaps the most help to get started and 7 FIGURE CALING™ is just what they need to get their start."

Giving Back

"It's a reality of economics and business that our time has an opportunity cost.. there is no 'free lunch' and my team and I, as a matter of moral obligation, MUST do that which is MOST NEEDED for our paying clients as our priority at all times.

In essence, if we try and serve everyone, without regard for commercial viability, we will end up impacting no-one.

However, to aid the vision of empowering one million men to follow their true calling and launch profitable, impactful businesses, we do have a quota of special concession we make annually, to ensure all of our time and talent is utilised yearly.

This takes the form of occasional pro-bono coaching, group seminars or guest speaking engagements to consult and provide pro-bono services where they are needed most. 

In addition to this, our company prefers to steward annual charitable donations to  causes which aid in the wider distribution of business education, preservation of the environment and funding of sustainable overseas initiatives which help empower people to lead their communities."

Personal Life

It's funny to try and separate my business impact from my personal life, since they are virtually one-in-the-same.

Part of my core philosophy is that when a man is following his calling, he will work harder than ever, but it doesn't feel like 'work' as many know it.

Highlights in my calling so far have been travelling internationally to Europe and Asia, attending and helping to facilitate in national consulting, personal development and business events. 

On a personal level, when I'm not ferociously studying or running Your Calling.com, I am in nature, at the beach, jumping out of airplanes, competing in endurance sporting events and travelling for business and pleasure around the world.

Today, I spend each and every day, following my own calling and translating my vision into reality by removing obstacles and creating intentional frameworks for ambitious men who've heard their call to greatness.


Dylan's Books

Secrets of a 7 Figure Calling™

Find Your Calling And Build An Online Business Empire

In this updated edition, Dylan reveals his best-kept secrets to how to cut through the noise to find your calling in life and the most effective and sustainable way to form an online business that is impactful and profitable, without wasting time or money.

"The frameworks within this book, which I am freely offering for the first time, work where so many other frameworks have failed. I put this down to a calling-centred approach.. It's CRAZY to me that no-one else teaches business like this!"

"A 7 Figure Calling™ is the cataclysmic relationship between one’s highest calling in life and the highly potent, if unorthodox, formula of commerce at the forefront of the modern age."

You'll learn how to find your calling, engineer your entire business, start making sales naturally and more!

7 FIGURE CALLING™ PODCAST (Formerly The After Grind)

Tune in daily on your lunch break or after work, to get your daily dose of practical advice, tips, motivation, interviews and more, all in audio.

Perfect for your daily run or commute.

As of the end of 2020, Over 1,000+ men around the world have been impacted by Dylan's paid and free coaching services.

The framework is structured to be facilitative enough to keep your own business and vision unique to you, yet directive enough to be truly impactful, so you can get the needle moving TODAY!

7 Figure Calling™ was created for guys just like you who are ambitious, burning to get ahead and not waste time in pursuits which are trivial and lack meaning. If your business has become a burning priority for you (And trust me, I've been there!!), then click this button to get started now.

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7 Figure Calling™

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Are you ready to actually make finding your Calling in Life a priority and start building your own online business empire? Apply today to see if you qualify for your most epic transformation yet!

Hire Dylan

Keynote Speaking | Seminars | Custom Consultation

We assess all offers for speaking engagements for practicality and when they are congruent with our mission, we will go out of our way to support your event.

We also run quarterly board rooms, seminars and workshops for specific skill purposes. 

Please contact us if you wish to learn more or you have a custom enquiry or proposal which you would like us to consider.


Suite 21/168 Melbourne St, 
North Adelaide SA 5006
Who is Dylan Somerfield
Over the past 7 years, Dylan has used phone and online selling methods to collectively generate tens of millions of dollars in revenue for companies and individuals alike. 

Today, Dylan spends each and every day, following his own calling and translating his vision into reality by removing obstacles and creating intentional frameworks for ambitious men who've heard their call to greatness.
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